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About North Lily

North Lily Foods Inc. is Global Food and Ingredients Inc. (GFI)'s wholesale distribution arm, focused on supplying a broad range of pulses and specialty crops sourced directly from farmers and distributed to end users, whether it be food processors, retailers or institutional buyers. We are passionate about providing top quality healthy foods and ingredients to our customers with a high level of service and reliability.  

We efficiently transport bulk palleted pulses and specialty crops nationwide, with a focus on just-in-time delivery to ensure our customers can optimize their inventory management. We service large dry bean companies, restaurants, food retailers, institutions and the pet food industry.

When sourcing from North Lily, you can confidently purchase knowing you will get the best products in the market delivered on time.  We understand the service requirements of your business - our mission is to provide a complete supply chain solution to make your business more efficient and profitable.  

Our product offering ranges from quality beans, legumes, pulses and seeds to specialized pet food ingredients.  North Lily can supply your business with a wide range of top quality products both under short-term sales and tailored long-term supply agreements.  Contact us today to discuss all of your pulses and specialty crop supply needs.  



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